Pointers to be adept at recognizing and implementing change requests

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I have not worked outside of the software industry, so do not know if the term ‘Change Request’ cuts across industries (or geographies). But this term has become integral to the world of IT Services and even in software product…

Cant avoid conflict. Might as well learn to deal with it as analysts.

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Typically all projects in an organization are breeding grounds for different kinds of conflicts. Especially if you are working in an environment with multiple stakeholders and changing digital landscape amidst deadlines. As a business analyst, you have…

Look for these traits to offer a business analyst role

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Business analysts have always been a unique breed in the software industry. It is hard for them to break in as fresh college graduates. It is hard for them to get into top companies if they don't have an MBA…

Distilling out the effective ways of writing specifications to map the journey of the software

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The business analyst role has evolved a lot in the past decade. But one task or responsibility is still constant and the most critical — writing specifications. Ok, with the advent of agile, it has…

A real-time test of their skills?

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What is a true test of a good business analyst? I would say it is to manage client requirements and expectations. If you excel at understanding their problems, explaining them about your product in a structured manner, and providing realistic solutions, then you have…

Functional aspects of PCI DSS and list of things that a software business analyst needs to take care of…

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What is PCI-DSS (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)?

There are a lot of good videos that talk about this. Have linked one of them just below.

How does…

Here are some that I have found challenging to master

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Who am I to say ‘Whats a tough skill to master’? It must surely vary depending on the individual, the type of project, the stakeholders, the budget, etc.

Is it mastering the requirement gathering phase? Is it getting to know…

Get a head-start by knowing these in-depth while looking for BA roles

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One day, while sipping some hot coffee, you decide to be a software business analyst. You set your plan in motion by looking for roles in your organization or outside. …

How knowing all the configurations of a product helps you do the job better

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You are considered a good driver when you drive smoothly, go for long drives, park well, understand road signs, navigate traffic well, and so on. Basically when you are well versed with all the features or…

Orchestrated view of all the software in the airline ecosystem

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How does the airline industry impact the world?

  1. It is indispensable to the tourism industry — today, you could just pick a place on the map: Jaipur, Kyoto, Melbourne, Singapore, Dubai and plan your vacations. You do that because you…

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